In the United States of America and all around our world, certain questions pertaining to ministry and beliefs have varying answers. We hope this page will let you know where we, as one of the churches in our fellowship, stand on some of these things, and that love will serve as the backdrop for all that we do now and in the times to come.


Though some of us bear the emotional and physical scars of previous abortions, we're continuing to be healed. We do stand in opposition to the ACT of abortion, which we consider to be the taking of innocent life. As with any sin, however, we strive not to stand in judgment of people for their past. We choose to walk in grace because all of us have sinned and fallen short of God's standards. We want to surround those involved in previous or current abortions with the love of Christ and with resources to help them heal.

child safety

The safety of our kids is something we take very seriously, and is something we care about deeply as we hear of repeated failure to protect children throughout America's churches and schools. We want to protect and bless our children to the best of our ability. To that end, all of our kids and youth volunteers have received background checks in cooperation with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Those who have put their trust in Christ for salvation, but who are now listed on sex offender registries or with certain criminal convictions, will be encouraged to serve in roles not involving children or youth. We also hold regular training with our kids workers to help them minister in the safest and most effective way possible.

diversity & racism

We disagree with any teaching that encourages racism and/or limits racial diversity. We want to practice for heaven now. We're not the most racially diverse church in the area yet, but we would love to be!

Persistent Sin

Our pastor reminds us often that we're all in process, that we're all growing in our walk with God and that none of us have "arrived" yet. We're all sinners saved by God's grace if we repent of our sin, believe in our hearts that Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead, publicly confess that He is our Lord, and don't continue to willfully practice sin. The last part of this statement is often overlooked in America today. (You can check out what the Bible says about that here.) We believe this applies to any activity or behavior condemned in the scriptures.  

Rather than focus on myriad specific sins, however, we focus on the love of God and His ability to transform us by His power. Because of that, we will lovingly encourage everyone, regardless of background or beliefs, to draw closer to God and to let Him bring about a metamorphosis in their lives. All people who seek to learn and/or apply these principles in an atmosphere of care and kindness are welcome to attend New Hope, and all are welcome to come to the foot of the cross to leave their old life behind and be transformed by God's love and His mighty Spirit!